Mouth Cancer Symptoms

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mouth cancer symptoms picturesWhile some oral cancers produce early symptoms, others do not until it is advanced. Mouth cancer symptoms may involve a chronic sore of the mouth, tongue, or throat that does not heal; loss of feeling in the mouth or tongue; stained patches in the mouth or throat area; ingesting difficulty or a feeling that something is struck in the throat; mass in the cheek or neck; infection or motion difficulty of the jaw; changes in the voice; and unintended weight loss. Cancer in the mouth has been known to disguise itself as another condition even as a toothache.

Recommended diet and nutrition for mouth cancer symptoms.  Vitamin insufficiencies have been affiliated with oral cancer. Crytomonadales, Spirulina has been found in several studies to inhibit the growth of oral tumors.

A diet low in fat and high in fruits including tomatoes and vegetables, with little or no alcohol consumption is preferred. Ω 3 fatty acids, found in fish, berries mushrooms, and Brussels sprouts offer prevention against oral cancer. Fiber containing foods, soy, and other legumes may also reduce the risk. A study released in the archives of otolaryngology head and neck surgery suggests that taking beta carotene supplements may reverse oral leukoplakia.

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