Cancer Nutrition

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Cancer Nutrition – feed Cancer to grow

cancer nutrition picturesDo not get me wrong with words cancer nutrition on this title article. Cancer nutrition I meant here are cancer nutritious that will not make your body get more energy to fight your cancer back.

In fact, this nutrition here are supplements that literally will be the food to make the cancer grow bigger, stronger and spread faster to effect your cell wider and make you suffer more.

Cancer nutrition I mention here could be found many around us, without it, some of you would rather eat nothing. In detail, these are the cancer nutritio:

1. Caffeine

Caffeine is so close to modern life today, it found not only in coffee but also in many modern drinks like coke, supplement energy drink, and many more.

Caffeine makes peoples feel more energy and some people event addicted to it so that consequently damaging there kidney, liver, increase blood pressure and weaken there immune system against early cancer infection.

2. Meat

Meat is good for our cell but unfortunately also good for our cancer. Not all meat is carcinogenic or causing cancer.

Meat what I meant is meat come from mass beef productions that use fatten hormone to fat there animals. This process economically benefit producer and in contrast disadvantages consumer.

Beside carcinogenic, beef come from this factory contain more fat, more cancer nutrition and consist higher chance to block our artery and cause serious heart related problem.

3. Refined table salt.

Although salt has no direct connection with cancer infection, too much salt could lead to health problem like hypertension, liver problem and many more, this disease then give cancer better chance to parasite there cell to ours.

4. White sugar.

In 19th and 20th centuries, less people have diabetes because sugar at that time is an expensive commodity. Different from today, we can find sugar in many food and diet available on stores.

Too much sugar clearly made some problem such as depression, diabetes and obesity. This condition is our weak spot that unlucky often used by cancer cell to enter our tissue and causing cancer complications, a serious condition where only view people usually manage to survive.

5. White Flour.

Evil job that white flour can do to harm our body is block vitamin, mineral and healthy nutrition from being absorbed properly.

This job not only disadvantage our body from gaining food to repair broken cell and strengthen our immune system it also give a chance to cancer cell to entering our un protective cell and replace it with its own harmful deadly cell.

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