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Breast Cancer Walk

Now more than ever women and men are taking part in the Avon Breast Cancer Walk fundraising campaign. This walk has been specifically set up to raise money to help in ... Read more..

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Breast Cancer Tattoos

Breast cancer tattoos consistently have a deep explanation to their wearers; they have either live through the disease themselves, have a loved one who has endured with it, or want ... Read more..

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Breast Cancer Surgery

Average complication of breast cancer surgery can be avoided or minimized if patients receive physical therapy, including massage and shoulder exercises, soon after their operation, a new study suggests. Secondary lymphedema ... Read more..

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Metastatic Cancer

A medical diagnosis of breast cancer can be exceedingly overpowering and frightening for anyone. But when the diagnosis is that of metastatic cancer, the fear can be awesome. This type ... Read more..

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